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Delicious Vegan Sweet Potato Quinoa Burger

This veggie burger recipe is as delicious as it is nutritious! Full of healthy protein, carbs and flavor it can be eaten on a bun or on a salad.

Veggie burgers are one of my favorite junk foods. But what if it doesn’t have to be unhealthy? Replace those fake meat veggie burgers for veggie patties that are actually full of nutrition as well. Sounds like double benefits to me.

When I first started eating vegetarian I used meat replacement products, like veggie burgers, to substitute meat. I think this is something many vegetarians can relate too. I was not familiar with nutrition at all and suddenly a large component of my diet was ‘missing’. Veggie burgers can be so much more than a meat replacement though! This veggie burger is not even meant to taste like meat. It’s meant to taste good and looks kind of like a burger but that’s about the only relationship there.

I tried to make lots of veggie burgers in my first few years as a vegetarian. Some recipes were a disaster, some were okay and some were good. With no experience, not so much information on internet yet I pretty much tried different lentil and bean veggie burgers. They varied from mushy to dry. Most of the recipes didn’t stick.

This veggie burger I invented in 2012 and I still make it. So after 7 years I’m finally sharing the recipe with you. It doesn’t have beans and I find it easy to digest. You can spice it up however you want, put a little cayenne in or more of the listed spices. I also love cooking some onions first and putting them in the mix.

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